We are a collaborative team of informed, innovative and empathic therapists intensively trained in DBT as well as other mindfulness-based therapeutic modalities. We design treatment plans customized to the individual needs of each client and work collaboratively to develop evidence-based treatment options that are skills-focused and outcome oriented. We offer individual and couples therapy and a variety of classes and workshops, with separate programs for adults and young adults. Our goal is to help our clients suffer less and live life with greater awareness and joy

Who We Are

Our Therapists and Advisory Board are professionals from multiple disciplines that encourage learning from the wisdom of each others perspective. Our team of therapists meet weekly for consultation to support each other in our clinical work. Our therapists are all intensively trained in DBT through Dr. Marsha Linehan's training institute, Behavior Tech, as well as having training in other evidenced-based modalities.  Our Advisory Board come from a variety of  backgrounds with exemplary professional reputations who serve as a group of thought partners for finding new applications in the work we do. Click here to learn more about our therapists, teachers, and advisory board.

Classes and Workshops

We offer DBT skills classes, which are therapeutic in nature and skills-based. We also offer other types of classes and week-end workshops, please see here Classes and Workshops.   Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Therapy and Consultation

At Oakland DBT and Mindfulness Center we offer a range of therapeutic services for adults, ages 18+ including full DBT  as well as more traditional therapy that infuses some of the tools and philosophical underpinnings of DBT with other styles of treatment.

Location and Contact

We are on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Our address is: 4179 Piedmont Ave, Suite 210, Oakland, 94611 (map). If you have further questions or to schedule an intake call us at 510.239.5698 or send us at email  Contact page

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