Individual Therapy Services

If you would like to make an initial appointment/ intake call us directly at: 510. 239.5698. Assuming this is the right treatment for you, you will then meet with an individual therapist to discuss therapy goals. All of our therapists have all been intensively trained by The Linehan Institute, Behavior Tech, receive ongoing expert DBT consultation and meet weekly for team consultation.

If you are in full DBT treatment participation in DBT skills group is an essential component and is separate from individual therapy. The structure of skills class and therapy together allow people to maximize learning in times of significant challenges.

We are a private pay service, meaning that we do not accept insurance, or Medical, but can provide a Superbill if you receive out of network benefits (please ask your insurance directly about this). We offer both DBT therapy and other forms of therapy at our center. If you are not looking for DBT, click here: Beyond DBT Therapy tab to read about other kinds of therapy that we offer.

Initial intake session: $180
DBT therapy sessions: $180-$250/ weekly
DBT Skills class schedule and cost: Skills Classes

DBT therapy:

People who experience significant emotional dysregulation, chronic instability in relationships, impulsivity and engage in ineffective behaviors often benefit significantly from full DBT. The individual therapy component of full DBT is part of a larger treatment that includes participation in skills class and access phone coaching to help you integrate the skills that you learn into your life.

Because each person’s need are different, what treatment will look like over time will be based on your commitment, motivation and concerns. Since DBT is very focused on helping you create a life worth living, over the first 4 sessions you and your therapist will work together to make a very clear plan for to keep both of you focused on creating a life where you suffer less and live with more awareness and joy.