Where can I learn more about DBT?

Click here to learn more about DBT from the treatment developer, Marsha Linehan, Ph.D.

Do you provide adherent/evidenced-based DBT treatment?

Yes. Our staff have all been intensively trained in DBT by Behavior Tech, The Linehan Institute. We are on a weekly consultation team, provide phone coaching and teach weekly skills classes. We also receive regular consultation from DBT experts outside of the center.

Am I in DBT if I am just taking skills class?

No. DBT is an intensive treatment that includes both individual therapy (with a therapist who is intensively trained in DBT, in weekly ongoing DBT consultation team, phone coaching, etc.), and participation in weekly skills class. If you are in therapy with a therapist who is not on a DBT consult team, it just means that you are learning the skills but are not in DBT therapy.

Are DBT skills groups like group therapy?

No. DBT skills classes are psychologically-based academic courses wherein you will learn skills that will help you understand and regulate your emotions, as well as the way in which you relate to others. Our classes are one and a half hours long, once weekly, and follow a structure of homework check-in, mindfulness exercise, and one hour spent learning the new skill of the day.

How long, and how often are the classes?

Our classes are held once weekly, and last an hour and a half. We do not take breaks during class, but you are welcomed to use the restroom and tend to your comfort during class.

Do I have to see a DBT therapist while in DBT skills classes at your center?

We do not require that people participating in skills class receive DBT therapy in all cases.  We discuss this in more detail during the initial intake/assessment.

I have taken DBT at a hospital. Do I need to start over in your basic skills class, or can I go to advanced?

We follow an adherent DBT program in which each module is 7-9 weeks ( a total of approx. 6 months to complete all modules). In hospital programs, DBT is often taught so that you get the most skills in the shortest amount of time. Our advanced class is for people who have been through at least six months of standard DBT training, and are ready to build on the basic skills in an ongoing manner.

Do you offer treatment to adolescents?

We do provide therapy to teens who are not in need of full DBT treatment.

Do you take insurance?

While we do not take insurance directly, if you have a PPO, meaning your insurance pays out of network, it is possible you can get reimbursed. We will provide you with a Superbill that you can send to your insurance company for partial reimbursement based on your plan’s guidelines. Please talk with your insurance company, and then ask your intake interviewer to discuss details.

What are the CPT codes? I need this to see if my insurance will reimburse me.

90834- individual therapy
90853- group therapy

Do you take MediCal?

We do not.

What are your privacy practices?

Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.